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Amy Wroe Bechtel disappearance site (updated with photos)

Here’s a map containing some key markers related to Amy’s disappearance.

Marked are the locations of Amy’s car, the found pen and confirmed cadaver dog indications in the area. (Those dog hits were made several years later)

The ‘Burnt Gulch Road’ is a local reference to Forest Service Road #305.

If you play with the map, you’ll see that Burnt Gulch itself runs about two miles from Forest Service Road #352 south to the marshy beaver ponds at the base of Meyer Outlook (which is the highest point in the area). The only camping in Burnt Gulch is in the area near where the Eaton family site is reported to have been.

The distance between Amy’s car and the Eaton site along the forest service road is about 1 mile.

There’s some sort of hosting problem with the original map… here’s a temporary while I work on re-creating a more detailed version:

Here’s a 3D view of the area (via Google Earth)

Amy was apparently in the area planning a new 10k road race on the day she disappeared. The #3001K turnoff at Frye Lake is 6.4 miles (almost exactly 10k) from the Louis Lake Road parking area. It’s a near perfect 10k race route from the parking area, up the switchbacks, and down the stretch along the lake. Yet Amy’s car found 2.5 miles further down the road.

For more information on suspected serial killer Dale Wayne Eaton, listen to Season 1 – Episode 2


Thanks to local journalist Jerrad Anderson for providing these photos of the area.

For added perspective, here is where Amy’s car was found (left) and the meadow searched by the sheriff’s department following cadaver dog indications.

(Circled landmark is Meyer Lookout, the area’s highest point)

This is the Frye Lake parking area (finish line of Amy’s planned 10k race)

General area where the pen was found.


  1. Trisha May 30, 2018

    Was the pen found near the Louis Lake Road parking area? Was it found between the parking area and where her car was found? Thanks for the map, it really helps to visualize. I wish every podcast put one together.

    • fuller May 30, 2018

      The pen’s location is indicated with the *diamond* symbol on the map.

      It’s not the exact spot where the pen was found, only an approximation taken from Dr. Gookin’s memory.

  2. Magdaene June 22, 2018

    I was an anonymous runner at that time
    Running the “loop road”
    As well as the ” nature trail” and the Bruce’s bridge, sheep trail run/jog”
    Back then
    These trails were slightly marked and yet safe with prominent , easy access parking.

    Bottom line I always thought it was Very Weird Amy was configuring a 10 K
    From a destination, frankly, so deep, and such a hard drive up the loop rad… Which at that time was not paved and rigorous.

    A 10 k would typically have been arranged at an easier access, starting point, parking area, say Bruce’s Bridge or lower..Lat the “nature trail…

    I always wondered?
    Why was she focused on a 10 k ? Where peeps would be driving that damn hard road, to begin with ?
    When the other areas below had better parking and access…
    That road was not! Paved at that time…and grueling!!!

    Just sayin’

    Have enjoyed your podcast…
    Looking forward to season 2


  3. Caren November 10, 2018

    I was watching this episode on Disappeared. When her husband is interviewed on the Today show. It shows a clip where he responds to the question “ did you anything to do with Amy’s disappearance?” He unknowingly nods his head yes as he says no. I think it’s a little suspicious considering it’s an involuntary movement and reaction. Just a thought.

  4. Kassi Keyser November 30, 2018

    I am starting to think that she or her skeletal remains are out there along that trail or in the wilderness (looks like a lot of lost space that would easily hide a body).

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