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Season 2 of Frozen Truth to examine the Ayla Reynolds disappearance

Ayla Reynolds disappeared from her father’s home in Waterville, Maine nearly seven years ago.

Nobody has been charged in the case and Ayla hasn’t been found.

Season 2 of Frozen Truth Podcast will thoroughly examine what may have happened to Ayla, and the circumstances surrounding the state’s most infamous and tragic unsolved mystery.

During the upcoming season producer Scott Fuller will travel to Waterville, Maine to learn more about Ayla and what might have happened to her.

Frozen Truth series Episode 7 (the first episode of Season 2) will be released Sunday June 24th.

New episode will be released each Sunday.

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wilfred m snell
1 year ago

i have been following the story of Ayla bell reynolds for sometime,and im convinced her dad is hiding something.Poor Ayla is probably buried miles away,where she cannot be found,im really suprised someone hasnt punched her so called dads head in,he is skum and knows where the lovely Aylas body is,and you are doing nothing to find her.How can anyone do whats been done and live with themselves.I cry for her everyday,she is or was a beautiful little child,im sick to my back teeth the fact somebody knows more than they are telling,who evers done what seems to have been done… Read more »

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