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Tony Jackson: ‘I pray daily for the capture of Jodi’s abductor’

by Scott Fuller

Tony Jackson, a convicted serial rapist currently serving a life sentence at a Minnesota state prison, has again denied involvement in the unsolved 1995 disappearance of Iowa news anchor Jodi Huisentruit, according to a man who claims to have recently interviewed Jackson.

Listen to “Season 3, Episode 7 – Tony Jackson (Part 1)” on Spreaker.

Steve Ridge, the COO of Magid (a Midwest-based media consulting firm), announced this week that he’s interviewed Jackson in prison over the past several months.

Ridge has been in the news in connection with the Huisentruit case previously this year as a result of his interviews with John Vansice, a friend of Jodi’s who has often been named in association with her disappearance.

Listen to “Season 3, Episode 8 – Tony Jackson (Part 2)” on Spreaker.

In a release to Frozen Truth, Ridge claims to have spoken at length with Tony Jackson in prison. In those conversations, which Ridge describes as “unrestricted”, Jackson categorically denied any involvement in the Huisentruit abduction.

“Jackson says he prays daily for the capture of the person or persons responsible for the apparent abduction and murder” (of Jodi Huisentruit), Ridge says via text, adding: “he prays daily for the rape victims and their families, and hopes to one day speak with each of them in person.”

Jackson was convicted of raping four women in Minnesota over an 18-day period in 1997. A fifth victim in Iowa was later confirmed by DNA. Reporting by Caroline Lowe for WCCO-TV revealed that Jackson and Jodi Huisentruit once lived near each other in Mason City.

Ridge says that Jackson told him with each successive rape he begged God to stop him, and that his prayers were answered when he was arrested shortly after the final rape. Jackson now claims to be at peace with God, and that he “intends to spend the rest of his life helping others, whether from inside or outside of the Stillwater Prison walls,” according to Ridge.

Jackson has previously denied any involvement in the Huisentruit case in other media interviews. He claims to have never met Jodi while the two were living in Mason City at the same time, and that he was only familiar with her from her work on television.

Ridge tells Frozen Truth that he now has enough material from Jackson to one day produce a documentary about his troubled life story, having spoken with him at length about “sexual abuse he suffered starting at age three.”

Jackson believes that childhood abuse caused him to “lash out” again the random rape victims he later selected, according to Ridge.

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