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Wyoming authorities to again pursue death penalty for Dale Wayne Eaton

Natrona County District Attorney Dan Itzen will continue to pursue the death penalty against convicted murderer Dale Wayne Eaton, according to court filings.

In 1988, Eaton abducted and killed 18-year-old Lisa Marie Kimmell as she drove from Colorado to Cody, Wyoming. He was not connected to the murder until his DNA was matched in 2004, leading to his arrest and conviction. A jury subsequently sentenced him to death.

In a brief filed earlier this month, Itzen cited Eaton as having been convicted of “pre-meditated first-degree murder, felony murder in the perpetration of kidnapping, felony murder in the perpetration of a robbery and felony murder in the perpetration of a sexual assault.”

Eaton, 74, has been appealing his conviction and sentence for the past 15 years.

In 2011, U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson ruled that Eaton had not received adequate representation at his murder trial. But earlier this year, the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled that prosecutors in Wyoming could still pursue the death penalty against Eaton.

In 2013, the the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office in Lander, Wyoming announced information they’d received that may implicate Eaton in the 1997 disappearance of Amy Wroe Bechtel.

Frozen Truth covered Amy’s case in Season 1.

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