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Report: John Vansice won’t be returning to Iowa

by Scott Fuller

The primary  person of interest in the 1995 abduction of popular Mason City morning television anchor Jody Huisentruit will not be returning to Iowa as originally planned due to his rapidly declining health.

Arizona resident John Vansice remains under continuing investigation, as demonstrated by the recent renewed sealing of a 2017 search warrant for two Vansice vehicles for another year.

Magid Chief Operating Officer and cold case investigator Steve Ridge revealed today that recent tests show that Alzheimer’s Disease has caused a rapid decline in Vansice’s mental capacity – a rate in excess of ten times that of normal aging, in less than a year.

Ridge says Vansice can no longer work, drive or perform routine tasks requiring normal comprehension.  Ridge says that he has personally witnessed Vansice’s rapid decline.

After twenty four years of silence, Vansice granted Ridge many hours of interrogation a matter of days before he was diagnosed with a progressive case of dementia – likely the only interview with Vansice that will ever be documented.

Ridge says that he has been interviewing psychiatric specialists to determine whether Vansice could aid in his own defense, as required by Iowa law, if he were to charged with Huisentruit’s abduction and/or murder. 

Ridge says that Vansice has given his power of attorney for all legal matters, including medical decisions, to his wife, Jane Burnet. 

Ridge says he has interviewed more than one hundred sixty people during his nearly year long independent investigation.  

Ridge says that he has concluded that authorities have good reason for remaining tight-lipped about potential evidence and insight that they have kept confidential.  Ridge says that his own investigation reveals that this case remains very active and dynamic a full twenty four years later.  Ridge added that he believes that a number of individuals likely remain nervous about the progress that is being made by the current investigative team.

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