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Season 1, Episode 2 – Junkyard Dale

Dale Wayne Eaton is the only inmate on Wyoming’s death row. He abducted and murdered Lisa Marie Kimmell in 1988.

Many believe he is responsible for other murders.

Much of the research on Eaton in this episode was provided by Radford University’s (Virginia) Department of Psychology, which has extensively compiled information on U.S. serial killers (Bancroft, Ayers and Bennett).

In his book, Rivers of Blood, Robert Scott chronicles the investigation into Lisa Marie Kimmell’s murder, and how authorities eventually associated Eaton with the crime. Scott also looks at Eaton as a suspect in other unsolved murders in the area.

Jon Billman’s 2016 article on Amy disappearance for Runner’s World is considered by many to be the pinnacle piece of journalism on the case. This article was one of the first to extensively detail Dale Wayne Eaton as a possible suspect in the Amy Wroe Bechtel case. (Listen for Jon on an upcoming episode!)

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