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Season 1, Episode 5 – Cold Case File

This week I’m in Lander, Wyoming to speak with the lead investigator on the Amy Wroe Bechtel disappearance; Detective Sgt. John Zerga of the Fremont County Sheriff’s office.

This episode is the Season 1 finale of Frozen Truth. Thank you all for listening to Amy’s case.

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Special thanks to Christine Penhale, Jerrad Anderson, Jon Billman, Dr. John Gookin and Det. Sgt. John Zerga.


  1. Anonymous May 12, 2018

    First of all John the sheriff’s last name is spelled Zerga. Great podcast by the way. I just wanted to state that I have known both Kenny Calvert and Jeff Cleveland for years while they are both known drug users in the town of Lander I find it absurd that Kenny would even be named as a suspect. In my opinion he is not capable of murder and if he did do it he would have had to been in a drug induced psychosis and there is no way he would have been able to pull it off without getting caught.
    Jeff is also a known drug user and was probably drunk and high on speed when he visited the sheriff and in an actual state of drug induced psychosis so I can easily see why his statements were dismissed. I am a Lander native and was seventeen at the time of Amy’s disappearance. I too occasionally hear the rumor of her being hit on the loop road mainly from Native American’s I even heard that she was supposedly buried on the reservation in a junkyard and then the murderer pulled a junk car over the grave. I don’t buy the theory she was hit by a car. I think there would have been evidence on the road of that, blood, hair or something that would have indicated to her being hit. I also remember hearing that they found her car with the drivers side door open. I would also like to note that the Sheriff of Fremont County at the time was later caught and convicted of stealing and using cocaine from the evidence lockers. I think that if the Sherriff’s office would have done things differently they may have actually caught the killer. After listening to your podcast I can’t help but wonder if her car was intentionally placed there by the killer to throw off the investigation. Thank you for all your hard work on this podcast. You shed some light on a few things I don’t think many people in the area knew about, such as the pen, as well as the cadaver dog hits. I know the Burnt Gulch area well and have even camped down in the meadow by the creek a few times. I never realized that was were they found Amy’s car. Maybe if enough people hear your podcast it will breath new life into this case that has haunted our small community for twenty years. I too cannot go up that mountain without thinking about Amy and I hope someday her family will get the closure they deserve.

    • fuller May 13, 2018

      It took me a moment to find where I’d mis-spelled Zerga’s name. Thanks for letting me know! I’ve corrected it.

      Thanks also for your feedback and perspective on the case.

  2. Douglas M Hardee June 18, 2018

    I listened to this a couple months ago; had an impression. Gave it a few months and listened to it again and that impression is the same; this is a very good treatment about the disappearance/murder of Amy. He does a very good job of presenting what facts and thoughts are known about the event without including the drama that went on around this very sad event; but is not important when it comes to what actually happened to Amy.
    For those of us who knew Amy, and are still pained by this event, these podcast are very good at providing information in a way that allows, at least me, a person to address the subject without the emotional upheaval that can accompany it.

  3. Jane Doe August 22, 2018

    I just finished Season 1. Thank you for putting together this podcast. As a Wyoming native, and just heading to college when Amy went missing, this was a very big deal in my life. There hasn’t been a year, or a trip to the Lander/Riverton area where I don’t think of Amy’s disappearance nor see her face on a flyer…still. I only ever knew of the two suspects, and not much else of the other theories. But found it interesting to hear about Jeff Cleavland and a quick check through google warranted this tidbit –
    that what Sherif Zerga said in Episode 5. Just interesting…..I wonder how many times people discount the ravings of someone at the time, even though they might be “reliving” something that has traumatized them in the past.

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