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A Cold Night in Montana (Bonus Story)

A husband and wife were brutally murdered with an ax just before Christmas in 1924. Their killer was never caught, and his crime remains one of Montana’s most enduring mysteries.

Please enjoy this bonus story from “Frozen Files”, our weekly Patreon-only podcast.

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One Comment

  1. Sandy October 19, 2018

    So how about this idea? The murderer arrived by train and departed by
    train…possibly linked to the CO murder a week later in CO because
    700 miles isn’t that far by train? Don’t
    know about motive except possible sexual serial criminal…and the ax
    was the handy available weapon? Didn’t know the Andersons personally.
    Annie started the car to warm it up, went back in, discovered the two
    men in confrontation…then ended up as final victim in shed. Murderer
    cleaned up and took off.

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