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Season 3, Episode 10 – Mason City

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I spent this last week of March 2019 in Mason City, where I was able to speak with some of those most closely involved with the Jodi Huisentruit case.

Jodi’s television station, KIMT-TV in Mason City, Iowa, which is about 1 mile from the apartment complex where she disappeared.

The only witness in the case isn’t really an eye-witness to the crime at all. Randy Linderman was driving to work early that morning Jodi disappeared. He says he saw a white van appearing to idle in Jodi’s small apartment parking lot sometime before she disappeared. You’ll hear Mr. Linderman’s account of that morning in this episode.

My thanks to Chief Jeff Brinkley and the Mason City Police Department for their time and accommodation during my time in Iowa this week.

Additional thanks to KETV reporter and anchor James Wilcox for his assistance in this episode.

Thank you for listening to Season 3 of Frozen Truth. We’re not quite done yet; we will have one more regular feed episode to release next week.

But we are coming to the end of Season 3, and I wanted to announce that we’ll be continuing the Frozen Files series for our Patreon supporters following the conclusion of the series. $5 per month Frozen Files supporters will receive a new unsolved case, mystery, or just great story each week. Sign up to receive Frozen Files episodes weekly following the conclusion of Season 3.


  1. Jonathan March 24, 2019

    There’s an interesting conversation on a true crime Garage interview about Randy Linderman. One of the guys he worked with said he never went to work that day. If that’s true it would call into question him saying he had seen an white fan on the way to work.

    • Scott Fuller March 25, 2019

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for reaching out.
      The tip you’re referring to is known information about the case.

  2. Reader March 26, 2019

    Scott, are you aware that, according to Dead Air, John VanSice had been spotted on multiple occasions in a vehicle in the Key Apts parking lot in the early morning hours in the months leading up to Jodi’s disappearance? I believe that at the time he no longer was a Key Apts tenant.

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