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Season 3, Episode 5 – Is It You?

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Mason City, Iowa police have never named a suspect in the 1995 disappearance of television news anchor Jodi Huisentruit, but they have ruled a few people out.

One of those men ruled out by authorities in Jodi’s case was a violent serial rapist who stalked some of his victims before attacking them in their own homes. That man, 21 year-old Tony Jackson, lived two blocks from KIMT-TV in Mason City at the time Jodi vanished.

Some question what information police have kept quiet about Jackson that led to him being quickly ruled out as a possible suspect in the Huisentruit case.

Caroline Lowe broke the story of Jackson’s possible link to the Jodi Huisentruit disappearance for WCCO-TV in Minneapolis three years later in 1998. She joins me on this episode to discuss her research and reporting on Jackson. We also discuss another man often suspected in Jodi’s disappearance, local seed dealer John Vansice, and examine a third possibility in the case: that someone else, previously unknown, is actually the person responsible for one of Iowa’s most notorious abductions.

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